Coaching for strategic execution: let the leaders show up 





  • Making the strategy goals a reality means, first of all, maintaining alignment between actions and the strategy. 
  • In order to make the journey, your people needs a plan that informs them what the territory and the road look alike.
  • You know your people will need to adapt the plan to the terrain: they need to have the appropriate skills and resources to act tactically. They will probably need to rehearse the plan before starting the journey.
  • Your people is aligned with the strategy, they know the goals to attain and they are prepared to start walking. They now need to do it, to tell you how they are doing, and to receive your oversight.




Executing the strategy

 " Organizations often fail at strategy execution. Various sources have reported implementation failure rates at between 60 and 90 percent.

A Bain Consulting study of large companies in eight industrialized countries found that seven out of eight companies failed to achieve profitable growth between 1988-1998, defined, rather modestly, as 5.5% annual real growth in revenues and earnings, with returns that exceeded their cost of capital."

  • The strategy execution begins well before the strategy has been defined. It needs the people, the organization and the processes in place, or you are just hoping for miracles.
  • You need to develop the people's attitudes (leadership, teamwork, sense of urgency).
  • Your company needs an effective structure that will enable and support your people's effort. A PMO? Proper KPIs? Enhanced communications? Enhanced Issue management systems?
  • You need to show your people what the strategy goals look alike. You need to give them the processes that will allow them to complete the journey


 Prepare and enable your company





We will discuss with you what your strategy is about. If you need help in the definition of your strategy, we will help you do so.

          We will work with you on the best triad of people skills organizational devices and processes that need to be developed or leveraged. We will work with you for attaining your company's next maturity level.

          We will prepare your people, help build the organizational structures and develop and sustain the processes that will enable the execution of your strategy.

          We will call the people that can better guide and support your people's efforts. For It's your people who will actually bring you the benefits.