Strategy eXecution Services®: Focused in the evolving company



         The identification of the strategy-execution gap is the key event that links Stratexecutives to the industry.

         We have worked many years in compromised projects and programs. We did it in organizations lacking basic ability to perform their operations. They have  very talented people, frustrated of looking their initiatives fail once and again.

          We are here to help you and your people face the stress of change and to give you a hand to unstuck your company potential into actual benefits.

          All our business is about shielding and strengthening Strategy Execution. To that end we developed SXS-Strategy eXecution Services®, and all-inclusive pack of services including

  • SX-Shielded eXecution®, a comprehensive set of services and measures for the whole life of your strategic initiatives; and,
  • Save Me®, a no-nonsensical service for program and big projects rescue.



  Dealing with  failure



                  Through a careful research of the complex scenarios that lead to failure in defining and executing the strategies, we identify that some core competencies need to be improved:

  • The preparedness to formulate meaningful strategies
  • The ability to express the strategy in an effective portfolio 
  • The maturity that is derived from organization-wide skills, processes, practices and standards 
  • The organizational resilience to deal with and recover from failure along with useful learnings. 



    Our offering

    Intervention services

        Every transition has setbacks. Failure and programs at risk are a de facto reality we cannot fall apart. In April, 2009, McKinsey put: 

    "In 1996, John Kotter published Leading Change. Considered by many to be the seminal work in the field of change management, Kotter’s research revealed that only 30 percent of change programs succeed. Since the book’s release, literally thousands of books and journal articles have been published on the topic, and courses dedicated to managing change are now part of many major MBA programs. Yet in 2008, a McKinsey survey of 3,199 executives around the world found, as Kotter did, that only one transformation in three succeeds.". The irrational side of change management, McKinsey Quarterly

             That's why we offer a comprehensive set of one-time services based in coaching and interventions:













    Bridges for change

        A lot of hope, money and time has been put in ultimate ways for changing your company. The same happened with the heroic tales about charismatic leaders. It's always simpler -however it's not equally effective- to do a change spillover beginning with top management: 

    "Influence leaders are no more likely to start a social “contagion” than the rank and file… success depends less on how persuasive the “early adopter” is, and more on how receptive the “society” is to the idea."-by Scott Keller and Carolyn Aiken- The Inconvenient Truth About Change Management. McKinsey 

        Our understanding is that successful, sustainable change is only attainable by engaging people, providing them with the ability to perform and to understand the company's reality, and enabling the organization to appropriately serve the real change-makers: