Internal intervention teams: be prepared





  • The situation that triggers the need of an intervention team will need to be assessed in order to define who should be convened. 
  • The teams are meant to act upon the appearance of a previously studied scenario: a production stop, a project crisis, a strike, a heavy weather condition, and so on.
  • In order to act, the team needs to quickly outline an action script, a very flexible plan that informs them the rules of engagement depending on the terrain's status.
  • The action script should have a corresponding action script template, associated to the triggering situation type.
  • The teams need to be leveraged and empowered by temporary waivers and rules relaxation.

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Tactical effectiveness for strategy enablement
  • You prepare for fire. Wouldn't be wise to be prepared for business crisis? Wouldn't it be a competitive advantage to be ready to quickly form a crisis committee? To launch a rapid communication  campaign? To deal with a strike? To rescue a program oir initiative?
  • When the crisis arise, we need to begin to define the crisis'rules, promote fast-tracks for acquisitions and contracts, and to decide if urgent actions are to comply with Laws and Ethics. Time is too valuable to start thinking. And you need the focus in the decisions to be made and the actions to be executed.
  • Intervention teams' purpose is to quickly achieve results in a short time.
  • They are activated by projects and programs in jeopardy, or as a rapid response to a sudden environmental change.
  • For instance, they can form a crisis room in order to deal with a union strike. They can reinforce an operating area in order to boost its performance. They can lead an emergency project to adjust the marketing to a new marketing environment.
  • The teams will usually be composed by people from different areas, thus leveraging their ability to quickly deal with problems that would usually take long administrative procedures. 
  • They are called on as-needed basis
  • Empowered, rule-breaking teams are meant to have short interventions, for they are disruptive to the organization.
  • Because of the anomalous nature of the teams, they will usually composed by volunteering individuals.


Deal with the unexpected




We will define with you what crisis scenarios your company will prepare for. Like emergency evacuations and firefight, you also want your people ready to respond to other situations.

          We will work with your people to characterize the managed crisis scenarios, the rules of engagement and the temporary waivers, the additional resources to be allocated, the authorizations required (beforehand pre-written ones) and tha rules-relaxation schemes.

          We will coach your teams in each scenarios, adjusting the action script templates  by running rehearsals. We will coach them to make the teams create new scenarios.

          We will help you build communication campaign in order to do the call for volunteers.