External interventions: boosters for seizing the opportunity





  • The intervention begins with an assessment of the needed change.
  • Then we need to assess with you the gap between your current capabilities vs. the capabilities required to do the change.
  • We will agree on an effective intervention scope
  • Our teams  will weave with your teams, taking action as units.
  • If needed, we will train and coach your teams in the skills required for the next step. We will also support the new process-definition activities 
  • Once the change action is complete we will help do the transition into regular operations.
  • The transition completed, the scaffold is removed, and our teams leave.




Scaffold - build - scaffold - grow
  • Your company should be able to run its core business by its own in the steady times. Or else it decays.
  • When you grow, you will probably lack the required recourses to boost your company to your next level.
  • For times of change require very specific skills and focused efforts most operations cannot afford on a permanent base.
  • Like you ask the bank or an investor for the money you need to do the leap! They don't solve your change problem, but they scaffold your company with the required money. When you began to take the benefits you throw the scaffold and continue on your own.
  • External interventions are meant as temporary scaffolds with the specialized skills, experience and processes your company does not still have until the operations are sustainable...
  • ... and so you get rid of our scaffold and do the next step on your own.


We support your evolution



We will work with you to assess the program and the company in order to discover the acceptable scenarios that can make your program succeed.
We'll work with your people in order to set the appropriate organizational environment for the program.
We'll guide and oversight your teams along the journey, until your progtram is again in track and self-sustainable.
We can deploy our teams in order to manage and drive your program out of the crisis.

       We will work with you to identify the capabilities' gap that needs to be bridged. 

       A plan for the required training, coaching, process-definition and the many scaffolding actions that need to be delivered will be prepared.

       We will also define with your teams the required transition activities in order to support the new operation once our teams leave.

       Our teams will be deployed in order to deliver the external intervention actions, as well as the temporary people that will work shoulder with shoulder with your teams.

       You can count with us for providing focused support to operations during the extended transition period.