PMO+: the augmented PMO for strategic initiatives





  • A new PMO requires an effective business case. We'll begin helping you with it
  • Does your company execute very costly projects? Then you likely need a PMO+® !
  • Along with your teams, we need to define what PMO type and configuration most satisfies your strategic goals.
  • We will work with your people to define the most effective charter (constitution act) for your purposes.
  • We'll train and coach your PMO officers and its internal clients
  • We'll develop the required processes that need to be established in order to run the PMOin an organic way into the company.
  • We'll craft with your people the transition to operations of the PMO
  • We'll deploy with you an effective communications campaign, such that every relevant person is involved.
  • We'll help your teams execute the transition .



A new Project Management Office
  • Do you know why you want a new PMO? If not, you need a clear business case before proceeding.
  • A new PMO is a strategic move, with a clear view of its intended benefits.
  • It will provide you with timely, relevant, meaningful and accurate status of your company's project and program portfolio. It will inform you the KPIs that express your company performance.
  • A PMO can boost or crush your project performance. You need to make it profitable and aligned with the strategic goals.
  • A PMO is not just a crouch for your organizational deficits, nor a place for philosphy. You need to give it an organic role.
  • PMOs can be departmental and corporate-level devices. They need to be structured for optimal integration.
  • Even when initiated in the technical and executing areas, a PMO needs to have executive sponsorship.



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An augmented PMO with urgency attitude

PMO augmentation for Shielded Execution (SX®) and Program Rescue (SaveMe®)

  Specific to strategic initiatives, major initiatives do need specific treatment.

  Due diligence is mandatory and regular processes need to be executed, but those initiatives also need to be acted upon case-by-case: there's too much money and business opportunity in the game! 

  You certainly cannot know in which of too many ways the initiative can fail, but you can certainly develop shielding devices and provide rescue roles in case a project or program “goes South” (and that’s the norm!).

  Your PMO needs to be strongly proactive and act with an urgency attitude.

PMO augmentation for improved governance and organizational commitment.

  PMOs often become lazy and bureaucratic, and take governance for granted ‘because it’s written in some guide or process document’.

  Organizational commitment needs to be granted by a very proactive system of processes, actions, and attitudes. Those attitudes are not meant to be declared or enforced: they need to be developed at the people level.

  We'll both train and coach your  teams and executives to be alret and ready to take bold action and for making (alone or as part of a committee) purposeful, rational decisions.

PMO augmentation for a mature Program Management.

  We are accustomed to speak of programs, but companies need to organically support their programs for strategy execution.

  Program Management has wrongly associated to Project Management, as if it is some kind of high end Project Management.

  It is not. Projects are about delivering things, and programs are all about business and benefits.

  We'll hep you develop organizational maturity at managing programs with a carefully tailored sequence of actions.

Let's work together

         We will work with you to discover what's the best PMO type for your company.

          We will help you to build a complete and trustable business case for the PMO. It will support the efforts from a rational, strategically aligned standpoint.

         We'll team with your people to make your PMO a reality.

         We will coach your people in order to enable them build effective and engaged teams. We will help with the processes and the transition activities.


Gear your projects, programs and portfolios with PMO+