Change management: let's row together





  • Companies either adapt to their niches or die. These niches provide bounds to the market, the regulatory system and many other constraints and opportunities the company will navigate. 
  • You need to strategically define what adaptive profile your company will have, knowing that no matter what your strategy is, you'll need to face the niches in a tactical fashion.
  • A change initiative will be shaped by the extent, urgency, risk, impact and opportunity dimensions. There's no recipe that will provide an answer to the present problem. 
  • While the decison to make a change will come form top management, it needs to be executed with your people.




Four basic triggers for change


  • The vision dictates a strategic change in order to face future niche changes, much like a start-up.
  • An organizational change is required in order to respond to a change in the niche: the world around is changing. You were lucky you identified the change and discovered it could be a risk to face or an opportunity to grasp.
  •  You could not see the changes in the niche and now you are in a hurry. Or you in fact tried to face it with a change program and the program failed. Either way, your company success or even its mere existence is at risk. You need to boldly act.
  • A change is required to expand the company's reach to larger niches: this is a case of the first scenario, a corporate will to widen the company reach in other markets, to process an acquisition or do a merge.


 Face change!






We can work with you to define, program and deploy the best change initiatives that will take advantage of your improvement opportunities.

Our external intervention teams can pave the way for your people, enabling them to do the journey with the skills and tools they need. We can enable your internal teams to be able to timely and effectively act and take your company to your next level.