About us: doing what matters


   What we do  

We help companies execute the strategy by coaching and advicing their people, providing no silver bullets nor recipes for action, under the premise that it's people who create and solve wicked problems.


 Who we are


Ricardo Guido-Lavalle - CEO

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    We are a low-profile and very focused company providing for change management and strategy-execution support.

    We work in a networked fashion with other high-performance and experienced companies and professionals worldwide, all them in their best ability to add value. 

   The geography we serve comprises the Americas, with special focus in Latin America and Central America.



 How we think

     "It's not by chance that 70% of change initiatives  fail, and only 10% of strategic programs and large projects can bve counted as successes, regardless of the many management theories, leadership movements and problem-solving approaches in the last 40 or more years. Of course, every one of the failed cases declared soon before the fracass "I am not repeating all those mistakes: we are a different case, we learned". Then they failed again.

     Execution with a 10% offset in cost can mean $1 Million or more for large initiatives, and that money could be used for better purposes.

     A powerful consulting industry based in tools, methodologies and silver bullets is not making any actual impact in the results, and in this sense these recourses are more magic or religious devices than actual paths to solutions and benefits.


     The inescapable reality is that in order to make your company challenge the market ecosystem, it needs to build its own capabilities, strengthen its people and enable its structure for efficacy and flexibility rather than blind efficiency and rules.


     We understand that any external intervention needs to be coupled with a high and sustained commitment by the people at the organization.

Any actual, lasting and benefitious change will unavoidably come from the people and the networks and structures they build.We consultants are just crouches, scaffolding devices that come, see and help you win -then we leave.

Not surprisingly, success will only set roots  with smart, coordinated and bold action,  and hard work."

Ricardo Guido-Lavalle, PMP®, PgMP® 

How we work

  • We will work with you to make sense about what really needs to be changed.
  • We will discover with you the best feasible ways to approach the problem. We will determine what the intended benefits are to be accrued as result of the engagement.
  • We will present you with a proposal comprising our best applicable team and our strategy for the intervention.
  • We will work together  in order to produce an effective enagagement document. it will include provision for the participation of the people that will ultimately enable  the benefits accrual.
LOW profile
high impact

Our engagement model understands that success is not the same as benefitWe believe in benefits.

      We will work with you to find the most cost effective engagement that fully solves your problem without incurring in luxury, no benefit  add-ons.


  • benefits-focused engagements
  • No ornamental costs


best-of breed

We believe in the power of synergy among the mosty capable professionals.

We grow by expanding our network, by building top-skill teams of peers. 

We will gather to serve you in the best effective and no-nonsense way.


  • Global, distributed teams 
  • Best professionals in the market
  • Teams grow as per-need

change from the inside

Any legitimate, sustainable change will be made by your people.

We will coach and train them for the skills and the attitudes that will make the change possible.

We will build external and internal intervention teams when you need to rescue your programs in jeopardy.

  • Coaching by enabling mixed external- internal teams
  • Cut-to the bone external intervention teams
  • Focused training